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Triexta Carpet | What is Triexta Carpet and how do you clean it | Manchester House Cleaning Services

Triexta has not been around that long, but it is quickly becoming a popular choice.  


Triexta carpet is quickly becoming a popular choice in synthetic carpet flooring. Each type of carpet fibre has its advantages and what you choose depends on your needs.

Triexta carpet is becoming more and more popular. If you have been in the market for new carpet flooring you may not have heard the name but you have come across it. Triexta may still be hard to come by in the UK and if you don't seek it out it may not be a choice that is offered to you. However, Triexta is quickly gaining in popularity. Triexta will be commonly sold under the brand name Smartstrand in the UK.

In 2009 Dupont petitioned the Federal Trade Commission (an independent governmental institution in the US that is largely responsible for enforcing antitrust laws and consumer protection) to establish a new fibre subclass name and nest it under the existing "polyester" classification. That new fibre was called poly trimethylene terephthalate (PTT) or Triexta. Triexta is essentially a polyester polymer, it is largely similar to polyester after its approval by the FTC PTT is classified as a new synthetic fibre subset and is only referred to as Triexta.

Polyester carpet has existed for more than 70 years, and Triexta has been used for just over 10 years, in comparison, it is a relative newcomer.

We will examine everything you need to know about what Triexta is from how it's manufactured to its specific cleaning requirements.

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What is Triexta and how is it made? 

In short, Triexta is essentially a polyester polymer.

Ok, but what does that mean? Triexta is only exclusively used for the production of commercial and domestic carpets. Poly trimethylene terephthalate was first synthesized and patented in the 1940s however its production made it impossible for it to be commercially produced at the time. The production of PTT was stopped in the mid-1960s up until the mid-1990s. PTT or Triexta is synthesized by the polycondensation of trimethylene glycol with either a terephthalic acid or dimethyl terephthalate. PTT is very similar to other polyester fabrics, exhibiting many of the same qualities. PTT has better tensile and flexural strengths and greater stiffness. Triexta carpet is essentially made out of plastic, therefore it is water-resistant, however, it is affected by surface tension (in normal words if you drag heavy furniture over Triexta carpet it can easily be damaged). PTT combines the durability and resistance of polyester and the elasticity of nylon. Triexta is a thermoplastic that is spun into fibres. PTT is essentially classified as an aromatic polyester. Triexta's applications in carpet and textiles are limitless, it can be printed in a large number of patterns, it holds dye well, it has the resistance and strength of polyester and the flexibility of nylon. Triexta carpet has inherent softness, by the most simple definition we can formulate it is essentially made out of plastic, therefore it is moisture and mould resistant, it also possesses a good level of stain resistance and is ultimately affordable. A slight classification on the name- poly trimethylene terephthalate (shortened to PTT) is the chemical substance name, after the Federal Trade Commission approved poly trimethylene terephthalate as a new subclass of polyester-based fabrics they noted that "henceforth PTT is to be known by the name Triexta and no longer will be designated under the polyester classification". Triexta is a petroleum bi-product. After being patented in the early 1940s it did not immediately gain much traction due to the nylon being predominantly used, it took until 1999 until Triexta became commonly available. Triexta is comprised of terephthalic acid and 1,3-propanediol (PTT), it is a thermoplastic that can be spun into yarns and carpet Triexta carpet has some excellent properties.


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Triexta Characteristics. 

Triexta is as resistant as nylon and has the same elasticity as polyester. Triexta carpet has been shown to hold up very well to heavy traffic and heavy soiling, in appearance, it differs from polyester, polyester has a shinier finish, Triexta will have a matte finish. Triexta carpet holds dye well, Triexta carpet can come in many different colours. Triexta is stain resistant against most common stains, however, as a petroleum bi-product, it is susceptible to oil-based stains. Triexta is inherently hydrophobic and water-resistant. It can be used in humid areas because it will not easily develop mould. As far as overall stain resistance goes, Triexta fairs quite well. Triexta will not absorb moisture and most stains can easily be eliminated without having to be spot treated with stain removing agents. The appearance of Triexta carpets will not dull with time, it resists UV rays, therefore, direct exposure to sunlight seems to not affect Triexta. Triexta can hold up against even tough stains, coffee, red wine and if you have pets or kids it can be a good choice for carpet flooring due to the overall excellent stain resistance it offers. Triexta can also be found in an environmentally friendly option. DuPont switched the production method used for manufacturing Triexta from using plastic bi-products to using corn glucose. This was done in an attempt to lower production costs, while previously recycled plastic was used to manufacture Triexta, DuPont began bio-fermenting corn glucose and using it in Triexta production. Corn glucose is a renewable and greener source, therefore, Triexta does have at least partial eco-friendly characteristics. As far as costs, well Triexta is expensive. It is not as expensive as natural carpet fibres but compared to polyester and nylon Triexta is not the most affordable option. However, that cost is at least partially justified by the overall properties Triexta has, other than the mentioned stain and wear resistance Triexta has inherent softness. There is no need to treat Triexta with special stain-resistant chemicals after manufacturing, as is the case for polyester and nylon, it is naturally stain-resistant. These chemicals tend to make synthetic fabrics rougher when compared to Triexta. Triexta has a soft and luxurious feel. 

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Triexta Cons.

The biggest disadvantage Triexta has is its track record. It is in comparison to polyester and especially nylon a relative newcomer. There are in theory many advantages Triexta has over other options in the synthetic carpet fibre field, however, those have not been tested. Only time will tell if Triexta has the durability to damage, the stain-resistance needed to make it the preferred choice for synthetic carpet fibres. We are yet to see how will Triexta perform during the average lifecycle for carpet flooring, about 10-15 years. Also, there is the price. In the UK you can find Triexta under the name Smartstrands and prices here are on the higher side of the price range. Triexta is an investment and an untested one at that. The manufactures have put forth incredible claims about the benefits that Triexta has but only time and testing will tell how much of those are based in reality and how much is marketing. If you take into account how new Triexta is and how similar its properties are to nylon there is also the question of why would anyone choose Triexta over nylon? Nylon has been on the market for 70+ years while Triexta has been used for just over a decade. And there is the price we already mentioned, Triexta is more expensive than nylon.

Cleaning Triexta. 

Triexta loves oil and attracts oil-based stains like a magnet. Triexta is naturally stain-resistant to most common stains, however, oil-based stains are a major exception. Synthetic carpet fibres are treated with stain-protecting chemicals called fluorochemicals. Fluorochemicals have a hydrocarbon structure and fluorocarbon ends, these chemicals protect carpet fibres from oil and other foreign materials by aligning themselves with the other surface of the carpet fabrics, thus offering a protective barrier between the carpet fibres and surface pollutants. Triexta is not protected with fluorochemicals which can bring about massive challenges for even cleaning professionals. This is why we recommend a reliable, experienced and knowledgeable cleaning company that can provide a professional carpet cleaning service for this type of fabric. Triexta is heat and moisture resistant this is why it is very susceptible to steam cleaning as far as the overall process goes. Professional carpet steam cleaning will use hot water mixed with appropriate types of cleaning detergents. There is very little risk of damage to Triexta carpet when it is steam cleaned. However, Triexta not being treated with stain protecting chemicals mean that Triexta can pose even a challenge for professional cleaners. An experienced carpet cleaning company should know how to treat Triexta specifically.

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Recommendations for domestic carpet cleaning. 

As far as DIY uses there are conventional steps you can take to clean Triexta and keep it clean. The first thing is a vacuum, dry vacuum Triexta carpets regularly, this will remove surface debris and please avoid walking with shoes directly over Triexta. If any stains appear immediately try and remove them. The best option is to leave the stain alone and schedule a carpet cleaning service, alternatively do not wipe or agitate stains try and soak them up with slightly damp tissue or a clean cloth. You should not use a brush or any other agitating tool over Triexta, try and wipe stains away instead of scrubbing them away. As far as an overall cleaning recommendation goes, we would definitely suggest that you hoover your Triexta carpet daily and schedule a carpet steam cleaning service at least once every 6 months, preferably once every 3 months. If you are going to purchase and carpet perfume or scent removing detergents avoid oil-based ones, these can seep into the fabric and set as a stain. Try and avoid major water spills or leaks over Triexta, it is in theory water-resistant so the odds of mould or mildew developing are low, however, that is as of now a still untested hypothesis. Triexta is a pretty low maintenance fabric as far as domestic cleaning goes. It performs really well in high traffic areas, especially if you have children or pets. For domestic purposes the usual carpet cleaning procedures apply to Triexta, hoover your Triexta carpet regularly and take care of it. For steam cleaning the first step is to follow the manufacturer's recommendations to cleaning. Triexta may require some specialized carpet cleaning detergents, however, it may not. Due to its similarity to nylon Triexta should perform well when treated with commercial carpet cleaning solutions. We would avoid agitation or a mechanical brush. We would not suggest a DIY steam cleaning approach to Triexta, however, if you are going to try to use glides and avoid surfactant-based detergents, they may attract soil to the carpet fibres after they have been steam cleaned.

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Call the professionals. 

If you are not sure how to clean Triexta you can always contact a reliable professional cleaning company and schedule a carpet cleaning service. Triexta is new, therefore, the exact cleaning requirements will most likely depend on the specific circumstances of your carpet. If you have a prevalent stain call a professional cleaning company immediately, it is your best bet at removing it. Regularly deep cleaning and disinfecting your carpet by scheduling a professional carpet steam cleaning service will not only have short-term benefits but will also help prolong the overall lifespan of your carpet. This also applies to Triexta. 



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