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Window Cleaning Manchester

Our Window Cleaning Service is designed to leave your frames, ledges and glass panes streak-free and sparkling!


Manchester House Cleaning Services offers our Window Cleaning Service. Our Manchester window cleaners are expertly trained they use the latest equipment and detergents. Our window cleaners have the necessary skill set and expertise needed to make sure that your windows are cleaned to the highest possible standard. Our window cleaners will use a water-fed pole system for the external part of your windows and the inside of your windows will be cleaned by hand using ladders where necessary. By doing so we will achieve an excellent outcome and make sure every part of your windows, the glass panes, the ledges and frames are cleaned. We are available in all postcodes in the Greater Manchester area and you can schedule a service with us Monday to Sunday at a time convenient for you. If you would like to find out more about our Window Cleaning Service. receive a free quote or finalize your booking contact us today on 0161 676 2888 or over email on office@manchesterhousecleaningservices.co.uk


There are two ways by which our window cleaners approach their task. The first way through which we clean the windows in your house or flat is by using specialized equipment. Our cleaners will use a water-fed pole system. This device uses purified water and it is the most advanced window cleaning system. The pole is made of carbon fibre material and is attached to a tank of purified water. The reach of the pole is 22 meters, effectively meaning that our window cleaners can clean windows up to the third floor with complete ease. This method removes all buildup from the glass and the frames and ledges. It leaves your windows without blemishes, streaks or any debris. Our highly skilled window cleaners are experts in using this system. They have multiple years of experience and will make sure your windows are cleaned up to the highest professional standard. As this service is highly involved and particular we have chosen our window cleaners carefully and have put all of our trust in their abilities. This method is best used for external window cleaning. 
The second method is the traditional window cleaning. It is accomplished by hand using ladders when necessary, dependent on how accessible your windows are. It is still a preferred method for many a technician will use detergents and equipment to clean your glass. This method is very effective when used on the internal part of your windows. You can schedule internal and external window cleaning or external window cleaning only. If you would like to have your windows cleaned from the inside only there is virtually no need for the technician to enter the property. Usually, the entire cleaning procedure can be done from the outside. We can provide this service for both commercial spaces and domestic properties. Regardless, if it is a house or flat an office space, restaurant or a store our local window cleaners will provide you with excellent services at reasonable prices.

You can combine our Window Cleaning service with any one of our additional services, Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaning, Oven Cleaning, Antiviral Disinfection of the property and receive a personalized discount. 

If you require any additional information in regards to our Window Cleaning Service if you would like to schedule a service or receive a free quote contact us today on 0161 676 2888 or over email at office@manchesterhousecleaningservices.co.uk 


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