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If you are looking for the best Window Cleaning in Manchester look no further than Manchester House Cleaning Services. We offer our Window Cleaning Services 7 days a week on all postcodes in Greater Manchester. If there are no other local window cleaners that will cover your area we will! No job is too big or small for our professional window cleaning technicians. We will use professional detergents and equipment, not a man on a ladder, and provide you with a hassle-free window cleaning service at a time convenient for you. We offer our Professional Window Cleaning Services on all postcodes in Manchester and the surrounding Greater Manchester Area. Our Professional Window Cleaning specialists will use the latest equipment which combined with their years of experience guarantees that you can benefit from streak-free and crystal clear windows. Take advantage of this and the many other benefits that come with our Manchester Window Cleaning Service today! We offer affordable rates and exceptional Window Cleaning results, which means that we will offer you the best possible Window Cleaning Service at the best possible price. We are able to provide both domestic and commercial cleaning services. Take advantage of the many benefits that come with our Window Cleaning Services in Manchester today and contact us on 0161 676 288 or simply fill out the corresponding Window Cleaning Service request form linked below. 

Benefits of our Window Cleaning Services in Manchester  


glass facade of building

Our Window Cleaning Services in Manchester come with many benefits!  

Our Window Cleaning in Manchester will use specialized equipment and pure water to ensure streak-free and remarkable results. 

Pure water treatment guarantees streak-free results. 

We can reach any domestic property or commercial space up to the third floor with ease. 

Easy and quick Window Cleaning Booking process. 

Contactless External Window Cleaning and Facade Cleaning Available. 

Affordable Window Cleaning prices. 

Exceptional Window Cleaning Results. 

No climbing, no ladders, no hassle, simply clean windows. 


We are not just another Window Cleaning Company.  

Schedule your personalized window cleaning service today!  

All of our quotes are based on the specific information you provide and you can customize your next window cleaning service with us and include 

Professional Jet Wash Service 

External Contactless Window Cleaning Only 

Conservatory Cleaning 

Recurring Window Cleaning

Internal Window Cleaning is part of all of our property cleaning services. Schedule our End of Tenancy Cleaning, After Builders Cleaning, Deep Cleaning or One-Off Cleaning Services and you will receive FREE internal window cleaning. 

Our Window Cleaning Service 


There are two main ways in which we can provide our Window Cleaning Services in Manchester. Firstly, we can provide our Window Cleaning Service by using the water-fed pole system treatment, our local window cleaning specialists will use a water-fed pole system that reaches up to the third floor with complete ease. The pole system is made out of carbon fibre and is attached to a tank of purified water. The water-fed pole system reaches is 22 meters long, effectively meaning that our local Window Cleaning specialists can clean your windows up to the third floor with ease. This is the most effective and efficient Window Cleaning method, our Window Cleaning technicians will not only clean the glass panes but also the frames and ledges. This Window Cleaning method will leave your windows blemish and streak-free and will remove all debris. Our highly skilled Window Cleaning technicians have specialized in this Window Cleaning method. Our local Window Cleaning professionals have years of experience and will make sure that your windows are cleaned up to the highest professional standard. We will use this method only for our External Window Cleaning Services. The second method we offer is traditional window cleaning - by hand. Dependent on the accessibility of your windows we may have to use ladders to reach some of the windows. This method is very effective and is used mainly for the internal part of your windows. You can schedule internal and external window cleaning or external window cleaning only. If you would like to have your windows cleaned from the outside only there is virtually no need for our Window Cleaning specialists to enter your property, the entire cleaning procedure can be done from the outside only. We can offer both commercial and domestic Window Cleaning Services on all postcodes in Greater Manchester. Regardless if you have a house or flat, restaurant or store our reliable Window Cleaning specialists will proved you with excellent Window Cleaning Services. For more information about our Window Cleaning in Manchester, you can contact us at any time convenient for you and our dedicated office staff will be able to answer any additional inquires you may have. 

Our Window Cleaning Services in Manchester is applicable to many properties! 

We can accommodate both domestic and commercial window cleaning requests. 

Our Window Cleaning specialists have years of experience in cleaning Victorian, Georgian and Double-Glazed Windows. 

tall building


window cleaning with pole system

Our Manchester Window Cleaning Services 

How is our Window Cleaning in Manchester performed?  

1. Our technician arrives- after you schedule your window cleaning service with us our technician will arrive fully equipped with a special extension pole system filled with purified water. Pure water treatment is the easiest and most effective way to clean your windows. The pole system allows the technician to reach up to the third floor with ease and if you choose to schedule only external window cleaning you will not need to have any contact with our Manchester window cleaners. 

2. Our Window Cleaning technician will examine your windows - despite us having gathered all preliminary information about your windows and property our technician will examine the windows after arriving to determine accessibility and reach. In rare cases, some windows may not be safely reachable. If that is the case we will immediately contact you to discuss discrepancies between the provided information and the actual access to your windows. 

3. The window cleaner will begin their task - deionized water will be pumped through the brush attachment of our Window Cleaning equipment. This water has been purified and it will not leave streaks or marks. Our Manchester Window Cleaning specialists will agitate dirt or marks from your windows to remove them. Our local Window Cleaning specialists will move the brush across the windows making sure to clean the frames, ledges, and sills as well. 

4. Protecting - once the dirt is scrubbed off and removed, our Window Cleaning specialist will spray pure water over the windows making sure to remove any trace residue from your windows. This process also creates a protective layer over your windows that will keep them cleaner longer over time. If necessary our Window Cleaning specialists will repeat the process several times at no additional cost for you. Our Window Cleaning technicians will work hard to make sure that your windows are left spotless and pristine after you schedule our services. 

Why Choose Us For Your Window Cleaning Services?  

light from windows

Bespoke quotes- we do not need to see your windows to give you a price. 

7-days a week availability. 

Trained, vetted, instructed and insured cleaners. 

Professional Window cleaning detergents and equipment. 

We can provide our Window Cleaning Services in Manchester and the entire surrounding Greater Manchester Area. 

Professional Office Staff available for inquires, requests and information 24 hours a day. 

Flexible booking options- we can provide our Window Cleaning at a time and day convenient for you! 

Exceptional Widow Cleaning results. 

Affordable Rates. 

You can schedule our Window Cleaning Services on a One-Off or Recurring basis. 

Eco-friendly Window Cleaning methods- we use only pure water, nothing else. 

You can combine our Manchester Window Cleaning with any one of our additional services

If you combine our Window Cleaning services in Manchester with any one of our additional services we will offer you a personalized discount on the final price! 

You can combine our Window Cleaning in Manchester with the following services: 

Carpet Cleaning   Upholstery Cleaning    Oven Cleaning    Antiviral Disinfection

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How long will the Window Cleaning service take? 
A. The actual duration of our Window Cleaning Service depends on the size, number and condition of your windows. More accurate information about duration can be provided by our window cleaners while on-site. 

Q. Do I need to provide parking? 
A. We do request that our clients provide a suitable parking space for our Window Cleaners or cover potential parking expenses if applicable. 

Q. How many window cleaners will come? 
A. Usually we will allocate a single Window Cleaning technician for the service. 

Q. Will, you wipe the windows after you have cleaned them? 
A. After we provide our Window Cleaning service there is no need to wipe your windows, the windows will dry on their own and the pure water window cleaning treatment will leave streak-free results. 

Q. Can I change my window cleaning appointment? 
A. After you have scheduled you can alter or reschedule your window cleaning service with us in any way provided you contact us 24 hours in advance of the window cleaning. 

Q. Do you clean the frames as well? 
A. Yes, our Window Cleaning technicians will clean all the frames, ledges and sills as part of our Window Cleaning Service. 

Q. What if it rains? 
A. It depends if there is heavy rain our Window Cleaning specialist will advise you that it is not really possible to clean your windows that day as rain is not optimal. We will contact you shortly thereafter to reschedule your appointment. 

Q. Do you remove mould from my window frames? 
A. In such cases it is virtually impossible to remove mould as part of our Window Cleaning service. 

Q. Do you remove plaster and spackle from the windows? 
A. Internally, it is completely possible to remove plaster and spackle from the glass panes of your windows, removing it from frames and ledges is ofter possible. Externally, it can be removed only if the outside of the windows is safely reachable by hand from the inside of the property. 

Q. Can I get a discount?
A. Yes if you combine our Manchester Window Cleaning with any one of our additional cleaning services you will receive a personalized discount on the final price. 

Areas We Cover


For Recurring Window Cleaning: 

Stockport, Tameside, Trafford Salford and Manchester

For One-Off Window Cleaning:

Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Wigan, and the cities of Salford and Manchester


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