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Build-to-rent properties have their own specific set of requirements and one of the most important ones is cleaning. Manchester House Cleaning Services has the needed capacity, size, scope, and expertise to ensure that your cleaning requirements are fully met. With the large growth in construction projects around Manchester and Salford, a specific property maintenance task is needed, cleaning on a large scale. Build to rent properties in the city are steadily growing and with that growth, the need to facilitate cleaning services for these new buildings also arises. We have the needed size and scope to make sure that build-to-rent properties receive the absolute best cleaning service in Manchester. We are not just a Manchester Cleaning Company, we have the needed procedural capacity to fulfil large-scale cleaning projects. Our knowledge and specialization mean that build-to-rent properties will receive exceptional cleaning services and our easy booking process and a large set of cleaning services mean that we can offer a comprehensive all-in-one commercial cleaning solution for build-to-rent properties. You can rest assured that you can subcontract large cleaning projects to us and that we will be able to meet all your specific cleaning requirements. If you would like to file a new commercial cleaning or build to rent cleaning service inquiry you can contact us on 0161 676 2888 or simply reach us online. 

What is Build To Rent? 


Build to rent properties are new build properties that have been designed and constructed with one purpose, renting. Build to rent properties are new-build blocks that are specifically designed for the rental market, and not for long term homeownership seekers or for mortgage seekers. Build to rent properties have their own very specific benefits but also a set of requirements needed to qualify under the BTR scheme. To qualify as a build to rent property usually the apartment block in question must be comprised of at least 50 units, be under the same management and be owned by a single landlord. The vast majority of new apartment buildings appearing throughout Manchester qualify as Build To Rent properties. At present, there is a large demand for Build To Rent properties and a very short supply. There are roughly 50 thousand units available across the UK as a whole, however, with constantly ongoing construction that number is sure to quickly change. Build To Rent properties are not designed as short-term leases, in fact, most of them offer long term contracts of 3 or more years. Instead, Build To Rent apartment buildings are designed to address the many issues present in the private rental sector. Tenants are often forced to accept concessions in the private rental sector, high rent prices, overall worse conditions, unresponsive landlords, ridiculous landlord demands and many others. Build To Rent properties are overall slightly more expensive than private rentals, however, they have significant advantages. The entire apartment building will be under the same management, tenant concerns are immediately addressed, as new build homes, the overall condition of the flats is better, tenants benefit from common and recreational spaces and they don't have to meet the absurd criteria estate agencies and landlords have for approval. Build to rent properties also benefit from higher energy efficiency. In the future, long and short-term, Build To Rent properties will become a crucial part of the British property market. 

With that all the specific property maintenance requirements all property face are also present for Build To Rent homes. One of the more important ones is cleaning. Build To Rent properties have many cleaning service requirements, ranging from maintenance cleaning services to cleaning common areas and full End of Tenancy Cleans. Build To Rent properties now comprise a relatively small part of the British property market, however, their overall advantages and benefits for both tenants, landlords and property managers mean that construction of Build To Rent housing will increase. With that increase in construction, the first property cleaning requirements for Build To Rent housing are Builders Cleans. Our After Builders Cleaning Service is designed to deal with the aftermath of large-scale construction projects. Build To Rent builders cleans are extensive cleaning services, large in scope and size, we can handle an entire contract or provide After Builders Cleaning Services for Build To Rent properties on a flat by flat basis. New construction projects are going to be increasing in size and scope over the coming years and the first cleaning requirements for new built Build To Rent properties will always be an After Builders Cleaning. We have the needed capacity to take on large After Builders Cleans and take on continuous contracts with our commercial clients. Our After Builders Cleaning and End of Tenancy Cleaning Services are our specialities. After the properties have been built and tenants start moving in and out our Build To Rent commercial clients will have a revolving need for End of Tenancy Cleans. This is why we can offer continuous contracts for entire buildings for our Move out Cleaning in Manchester. Our Build To Rent Cleaning services is designed to facilitate the cleaning requirements of our commercial clients. 

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What is our Build To Rent Cleaning?  

Our Build To Rent Cleaning Service is a comprehensive all-in-one cleaning solution designed to meet the needs of newbuilt Build To Rent properties.

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Our Build To Rent Cleaning services combine our expertise and knowledge to provide a comprehensive cleaning solution for Build To Rent properties. 

 What is Build To Rent Cleaning?  

Build To Rent Cleaning refers to a recurring or a one-off contract based on the specific cleaning requirements of such properties. Build To Rent properties have very specific cleaning requirements. Like all property maintenance requirements cleaning should be individually tailored to such properties. Our Build To Rent Cleaning solution in Manchester offers a comprehensive contract designed to facilitate the specific property requirements of build to rent properties. Build to rent cleaning refers to a set of specific cleaning services that we are able to offer on a larger scale that is designed to meet specific requirements for build to rent properties. From builders clean when they are being constructed to a move out clean when individual flats are vacated we have the needed scale to make sure our build to rent commercial clients receive an exceptional set of commercial cleaning services. We have the ability to assess what cleaning services would build to lease buildings need and advise, thus you will receive a tailored personal cleaning contract. 
 What should a Build To Rent Clean contractor offer? 

Through years of experience providing cleaning services, we can offer an integrated cleaning solution for our commercial clients that are looking for a singular contract to meet all the cleaning requirements of build to rent properties. A cleaning company should offer a wide range of cleaning services that are tailored to the specific cleaning needs of build to rent properties. From builders cleans to a move out clean to cleaning common spaces to carpet cleaning entire buildings we have the procedural capacity to offer a wide range of comprehensive cleaning services. A build to rent cleaning service provider should offer fixed-term contracts with flexible booking options and a build to rent cleaning service provider should offer the option for a long term contract or specific one-off services. Our contracts for our private rented scheme clients offer these cleaning services and more, which means you will receive a singular end to end commercial cleaning solution. Our contracts for our commercial clients offer a list of personalized benefits.

Benefits of our Build To Rent Cleaning 

Our Build To Rent Cleaning Service comes with a specific set of benefits. We can offer long term contracts or a singular set of cleaning services designed to facilitate the cleaning requirements of build to rent properties. The first benefit we offer is the option to schedule a personalized set of cleaning services and therefore an individual contract based on your specific cleaning service needs. We offer a wide range of cleaning services that will be tailored to your cleaning needs. Here is a shortlist of some of the cleaning services you can choose for your next build to rent cleaning in Manchester. 

  • After Builders Cleaning- when the construction work has been finished you can schedule our after builders cleaning in Manchester and we will take care of the aftermath of a large-scale construction project.   

  • End of Tenancy Cleaning- our end of tenancy cleaning is designed to meet the cleaning requirements of estate agencies and landlords when a tenant is set to move out of the property.  

  • Deep Cleaning- our deep cleaning in Manchester is designed as a comprehensive cleaning solution for properties in instances where a tenant is not moving in our moving out. The cleaning condition of your property will be greatly improved.  

  • Carpet Cleaning- we can clean carpets in individual flats or common spaces. Our carpet steam cleaning service will remove stains, refresh and disinfect carpeted areas.  

And more...

Choose a comprehensive set of cleaning services or let us assess your new build property and advise you what its specific cleaning requirements are and choose Manchester House Cleaning Services for your build to rent cleaning service needs. 

Our Build To Rent Cleaning Contracts come with many benefits. 

Personalized Contracts. 

Flexible Availability. 

Option for large-scale cleaning contracts. 

All your individual cleaning services needs will be fully met. 

Experienced cleaning staff. 

Fully trained vetted instructed and insured cleaners. 

Option for a set of recurring deep, after builders and move out cleans in Manchester. 

Customer-focused approach. 

Dedicated account manager. 


Personalized approach to all of your cleaning contracts. 

Ability to take on large-scale commercial cleaning and build to rent cleaning contracts. 

All your build to rent property cleaning service needs will be met. 


Why Choose Us For Your Build To Rent Cleaning Service?

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 Years of experience, all of our build to rent cleaning service technicians are fully trained, vetted, instructed, insured professionals with years of experience. 

We will supply all professional cleaning detergents and equipment for all of your Build To Rent cleaning services. 

Flexible Scheduling Options. 

We cover all postcodes in Greater Manchester, you can schedule our Build To Rent Cleaning Services on all postcodes in the entire Greater Manchester Area. 

Dedicated account manager, we will assign a dedicated account manager to you they will make sure that all your cleaning requirements are met and that all your questions related to our build to rent cleaning services are answered. 

A large variety of cleaning services, you can assign a large variety of cleaning services to your personal build to rent cleaning contract. 

24/7 customer support, if you need an emergency service or would like to alter your build to rent cleaning contract you can reach us 24 hours a day. 

7-day a week availability, you can schedule any cleaning service in your build to rent cleaning contract 7 days a week including weekends and bank holidays. 

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