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Antiviral Sanitisation and Disinfection in Manchester

Manchester House Cleaning Services offers Antiviral Disinfection and Sanitization Services on all postcodes in Greater Manchester. 

Manchester House Cleaning Services offers our Antiviral Disinfection Service. This service is specifically designed to eradicate any harmful germs and other pathogens from your house or flat. Our technicians use fully certified professional disinfectants regulated up to all European Standards. This service can be scheduled for both domestic properties and commercial spaces. Our technicians are fully certified to carry out this service. We cover all postcodes in the Greater Manchester Area and are available for services Monday to Sunday at a time convenient for you. Now we offer same-day slots as well. If you would like to receive more information in regards to our Antiviral Disinfection Service contact us today on
0161 676 2888 or over email at office@manchesterhousecleaningservices.co.uk.

All sanitization supplies correspond to BS EN 1276 standards. BS EN 1276, in essence, means that a product has antibacterial properties. This European standard standardizes the effectiveness of chemical disinfectants. Our disinfectants qualify under the BS EN 1276 standards. To qualify a product must eliminate 99.999% of bacteria specifically MRSA.  In addition, these detergents eliminate Salmonella, E.Coli, Flu Virus (H1N1) HIV(AIDS), T.B, SARS, Hepatitis, Influenza A within 5 minutes of use.  While the disinfectants used are safe it is highly recommended that no one enter the property for approximately two hours after the completion of the service.

Our Antiviral Disinfection Service is not a cleaning service. It is designed to eliminate bacteria and harmful pathogens from domestic properties and commercial spaces. It is recommended that you schedule either our Deep Cleaning or One-Off Cleaning Service in addition to the Antiviral Disinfection service. 

You can also combine our Antiviral Disinfection Service with any one of our additional services. You can add on Carpet Steam Cleaning, Upholstery Steam Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Oven Cleaning to this service and receive a personalized discount. 

If you would like to find out more about our Antiviral Disinfection Service, receive a free quote or finalize your booking today, contact us on 0161 676 2888 or over email at office@manchesterhousecleaningservices.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions.  
Q. Can I be in the property while it is being disinfected? 
A. No, the property needs to be vacant. It is highly recommended that no one enters for approximately two hours upon completion of the service. 

Q. Does the property need to be prepped in advance? 
A. No, there is no need to do any preparation work prior to the arrival of the technicians. They are well versed in this service and highly experienced. 

Q. Is the procedure safe? 
A. Yes, the service is absolutely safe. The disinfectants used are non-toxic and are not hazardous. After the two hours have passed you can simply go back to the property knowing that all viruses, bacteria and potentially harmful pathogens have been eradicated. You do not need to wash down, wipe any surfaces or do any other work after our technicians have left. 



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