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Mattress Cleaning | Mattress Steam Cleaning in Manchester | Manchester House Cleaning Services

Our Mattress Cleaning will clean and disinfect your mattresses

Manchester House Cleaning Services can provide you with mattress cleaning services on all postcodes in Greater Manchester. Our Mattress Cleaning services are the easiest and most effective way to keep your mattress cleaned, disinfected and sanitized. No matter if you need your mattress cleaned and refreshed or you would like to eliminate a pesky stain from your mattress, our mattress cleaning is the right cleaning solution to your cleaning requirements. We use the strongest and most effective cleaning solutions and equipment to thoroughly steam clean your mattresses and all other upholstered items. You can combine our mattress cleaning with carpet cleaning or include many other upholstered furniture and receive a personalized discount on the final price. You can schedule our Mattress cleaning services 7 days a week at a time convenient for you. If you would like to receive a perfectly FREE quote for your mattress cleaning services you can contact us 24 hours a day on 0161 676 2888 or by simply filling out the online contact form attached below. 

Keeping your mattress clean has never been easier 

  • First Time Customer Discount - 10% OFF the original price of your first After Party Cleaning Booking

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Our Mattress Cleaning Service 

Our Mattress cleaning service will keep your mattress clean, disinfected and sanitized. Regardless if you are looking to refresh your mattress or there were a nasty spill our mattress cleaning services are the perfect cleaning solution for your mattress cleaning predicament. Our mattress cleaning services are provided by fully equipped, professionally trained, vetted and instructed cleaners. We use the latest mattress cleaning detergents and equipment. Our Mattress Cleaning service can be scheduled alongside or in addition to many of our property cleaning and additional cleaning services. We will use the hot-water extraction method to thoroughly steam clean your mattress. We will remove not only surface dirt and dust but also stains and bacteria and mites that may lurk deep inside the fabric of your mattress. The hot-water extraction method is universally recognized as the strongest method available today. There are many benefits you can take advantage of if you schedule our mattress cleaning services. Keeping your mattress clean is an important part of the daily cleaning requirements of your property for both sanitary and hygienic reasons. Our mattress cleaning services are effective not only as a cleaning solution but also as a preventative measure, we will eliminate unpleasant odours and remove mites, bacteria and other potentially harmful pathogens from deep inside the fabric of your mattress. You can schedule our mattress cleaning services in Manchester 7 days a week at a time convenient for you and now there are even same day or next day mattress cleaning slots available. 

mattress and cupboard in a room

Benefits of our Manchester Mattress Cleaning Services


 Easy hassle-free mattress cleaning services- we will not take your mattress away your mattress steam cleaning service will be provided on-site all within an hour. 

Our mattress cleaning disinfects and sanitizes your mattresses- our mattress cleaning services not only remove soiling and stains from your mattress but also germs, viruses, bacteria and mites from deep inside your mattress fabrics. 

Most common domestic stains will be eliminated- our mattress cleaning process will eliminate most common stains from your mattress, food, drinks, organic matter will be removed. 

Our Manchester Mattress Cleaning Service will remove unpleasant smells- your mattress will trap a lot of unpleasant odours from your home, we will use special deodorizing detergents in addition to our mattress steam cleaning products to remove those. 

Say goodbye to the bed bugs- mites, larva and all types of bed bugs will be removed by the hot-water extraction mattress cleaning system. 

Straightforward booking process- booking our mattress cleaning services in Manchester could not be any easier. 

Ready to book? 


If you would like to finalize your next mattress cleaning appointment with us, booking our mattress cleaning services could not be any easier. You can simply follow our straightforward booking process and schedule your next mattress cleaning service today! Our simple booking process is designed to be as easy and comprehensive as possible for you and we will not take any deposits or upfront payments when finalizing your mattress cleaning service with us. 

Our booking process - clean and disinfect your mattress in a few simple steps 


1. Contact us over the phone, or online with your original Manchester Mattress Cleaning inquiry. 
2. Provide several basic details about your property, matters and if you are interested in any additional services. 
3. Receive a free quote and confirm that you would like to book your next mattress cleaning service with Manchester House Cleaning Services.


How will we steam clean your mattress? 

Our Mattress Cleaning services in Manchester will be provided in a few easy to follow steps. We have streamlined our scheduling and cleaning process, thus making it as easy and convenient for our clients to both schedule and have their mattresses cleaned with us. There are a few simple steps to our mattress cleaning service. We have made sure that through this process we will provide you with the best possible mattress cleaning service in Manchester and our affordable prices mean that we will provide you with the best possible mattress cleaning services for the best possible price. How does the mattress cleaning service in Manchester Work? 

Step 1 - Observe your mattresses on-site.

Our professional mattress cleaning specialists will begin their task by observing your mattresses, determining the best possible way to eliminate any stains that may be present and instructing you on any further information that may not have been confirmed in your first conversation.  

Step 2 - The main mattress cleaning procedure.

Our mattress cleaning technicians will steam clean your mattresses and any other upholstered items using the hot-water extraction method. The HWE steam cleaning system is universally recognized as the strongest and most effective way to steam clean upholstery, carpets or rugs. It is completely safe for all mattress types, even memory foam and will produce exceptional cleaning results. The HWE steam cleaning method uses hot water mixed in with the appropriate steam cleaning detergents in the machine. This solution will be sprayed on top of your mattress and stains, soiling and dirt will be dislodged and dissolved by the detergents and water and will be vacuumed with the suction attachment of the machine.  

Step 3 - Fast drying times.

Because the machine simultaneously sprays the cleaning solution on top of your mattress and extracts it, there is very little moisture left inside your mattress. Your mattress will feel slightly damp after it has been steam cleaned, but it will be perfectly dry within a few hours. This ensures that no residual moisture is trapped inside your mattress, that your mattress has not been overwetted and that there is virtually no risk of damage to the mattress fibres. 

You can schedule our mattress cleaning services in Manchester 7 days a week at a time convenient for you. Our friendly mattress cleaning professionals will provide you with an exceptional mattress cleaning service. We are dedicated to effective and efficient cleaning services and our satisfaction with our services is our utmost priority. Our mattress cleaning service can be scheduled in addition to all of our property cleaning services. There is no better time to eliminate stains from your mattress than when you are moving out. You can schedule our mattress cleaning service in Manchester alongside our property cleaning services such as our End of Tenancy Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, One-Off Cleaning and After Builders Cleaning services. 

woman on mattress




Why Choose us for your mattress cleaning service?  

Fast and efficient mattress cleaning services. 

Fully insured mattress cleaning technicians. 

Our mattress cleaning will eliminate viruses bacteria and mites.


Choose us for your next mattress cleaning for these reasons

mattress being pulled off of a bed

Professional mattress cleaning detergents and equipment, we use the latest modern mattress cleaning solutions available. 

Friendly uniformed mattress cleaning staff, all of our mattress cleaning technicians are fully trained, vetted and insured professionals with years of experience. 

Bespoke quotes, we do not need to attend your property to quote you a price for your next Manchester mattress cleaning service. 

7-days a week availability, you can schedule our mattress cleaning services in Manchester 7 days a week at a time convenient for you. 

No upfront payments or deposits, we will not take an upfront payment or deposit to finalize your mattress cleaning appointment. 

Guaranteed results, we will provide you with an exceptional mattress cleaning service, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. 

24/7 customer support, if you would like to receive more information about our Manchester mattress cleaning services, alter an existing booking or finalize a new mattress cleaning appointment you can contact us 24/7 our phone lines are always open! 

Combine our Mattress Cleaning for a personalized discount  


  Combine our Mattress Cleaning services in Manchester with anyone with our additional cleaning services and we will offer you a personalized discount on the final price. 

You can combine our Mattress Cleaning in Manchester with the following services:

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You can schedule our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service on all postcodes in: 

Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Wigan, and the cities of Salford and Manchester


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