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End Of Tenancy Cleaning In Manchester

Our Manchester End of Tenancy Cleaning is designed to ensure that you successfully vacate your property and the move out process is as stress-free and easy as possible.

Manchester House Cleaning Services offers an End of Tenancy Cleaning Service, covering the city of Manchester and all postcodes in the greater area. Our cleaning services are priced at just the right cost and we are available locally near you. You can schedule the service at a day and time convenient for you, Monday to Sunday. Our service comes with a specific End of Tenancy Cleaning checklist. Feel free to contact us today on 0161 676 2888 or over email at office@manchesterhousecleaningservices.co.uk and receive a free quote.        

1. End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist. 
Bedroom. ֻֻֻֻ
‣Vacuum and Mop hard floors. ‣Vacuum Carpeted floors. ‣Remove Cobwebs. ‣Clean cabinets drawers, wardrobes, shelves from the inside and outside. ‣Clean all windows internally. ‣Cleaning skirting boards, light switches sockets and plugs. ‣Clean behind and around furniture.‣Vacuum upholstery. ‣Clean mirrors, door handles, doorknobs the frames and the door.

Bathroom and Toilet. 
‣Clean Bathtub and WC ‣Clean Shower and Shower Screen ‣Clean Shower and Shower Screen‣Clean and polish Bathroom Tiles‣Clean and Polish the sink ‣Wipe Cupboards, Shelves and Clean and Polish all surfaces‣Clean and polish all mirrors‣Clean all Windows Window Sills and Ledges internally‣Clean Light Sockets, Light Switches and Plugs‣Clean and Polish all Taps‣Vacuum, mop and sanitize all floors‣Wipe skirting boards, door handles, door frames and the door itself‣Wipe down the extractor fan ‣Clean towel rail

‣Deep internal and external cleaning of all kitchen appliances. ‣Deep internal and external cleaning of kitchen cupboards, shelves, cabinets. ‣Complete cleaning and degreasing of the oven. ‣Vacuum, mop and sanitize all floors. ‣Wipe skirting boards, door handles door frames and the door itself. ‣Clean light fixtures, dust and clean behind and in front of radiators. ‣Wipe and polish all surfaces. ‣Degrease tiled surfaces remove all traces of any residue. ‣Clean all windows, window sills and ledges internally. ‣Wash down and clean all kitchen worktops and counters. ‣Descale and polish kitchen sink and taps

Living Room. 
‣Vacuum all carpeted floors. ‣Vacuum and mop hard floors. ‣Remove the cobwebs. ‣Wipe and dust wooden surfaces and fixtures. ‣Clean the skirting boards. ‣Clean light sockets, switches and plugs. ‣Vacuum underneath and behind upholstery. ‣Polish and dust all surfaces ‣Clean cupboards, cabinets, drawers, shelves, wardrobes internally and externally. ‣Clean, dust and polis door handles, frames and the door. ‣Clean and polis mirrors, pictures frames and glass surfaces. ‣Clean skirting boards, light sockets, switches and plugs

Hallways/ Staircases. 
‣Vacuum and Mop hard floors. ‣Vacuum carpeted floors. ‣Polish and Dust hard surfaces. ‣Clean light fixtures and lamps. ‣Internally clean cupboards, cabinets, drawers, wardrobes. ‣Clean mirrors, picture frames. ‣Clean skirting boards. ‣Clean, dust and polish door handles and door frames.‣Clean windows internally. ‣Remove Cobwebs 




Our End of Tenancy Cleaning Services can be combined with any one of our additional services, feel free to do so and we would be able to offer you a personalized discount.                                                                              
You can combine the End of Tenancy Cleaning with Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning, Professional Upholstery Steam Cleaning, External Window Cleaning

The cleaning service itself is a complete internal cleaning of your house or flat, the cleaners will cover the entirety of the property inch by inch, transforming it and leaving your home in a sparkling condition. If you are coming to the end of your tenancy anywhere in Greater Manchester contact us on 0161 676 2888 or over email at office@manchesterhousecleaningservices. co.uk or simply fill out our request form online. 


Frequently Asked Questions. 

Q. Will the oven be cleaned? 
A. As part of our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service all kitchen appliances are covered. Fridge, freezer, microwave, dishwasher and the oven itself will be deeply cleaned. The oven will be fully cleaned and restored to sparkle. 
Q. Will, I need to arrange for parking? A. We do kindly request that clients arrange for a suitable parking space for our teams in close proximity to their property. If there is free parking available our cleaners will use that. If, however, parking expenses do apply the client is requested to cover those in addition. Q. Will, you bring your own supplies? 
A. All professional cleaning detergents and equipment are included as part of the service. You do not need to have anything on-site. 
Q. What is your guarantee? 
A. The End of Tenancy Cleaning service guarantee is essentially a reassurance that if for whatever reason, yourself the landlord or an inventory agent is not completely satisfied with the outcome of the cleaning we will come back and offer a re-cleaning session completely free of charge. 
Q. Can I book the service on the same day? 
A. Manchester House Cleaning Services offers same-day appointments. It is very much possible to schedule a service on the same day. We are available for cleaning services 7 days a week and our customer service team will do their best to ensure the service is scheduled for a time convenient for you? 
Q. Will, you clean the Windows? 
A. All windows, window sills and ledges are going to be cleaned from the inside only as part of the service. It is possible to separate external window cleaning service to be carried out in addition to the End of Tenancy Cleaning.
Q. Will, you clean the carpets?
A. As part of the service all carpeted areas are going to be deeply hoovered. It is possible to book a separate Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Service to be carried out in addition to the End of Tenancy Cleaning. 


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