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Bar and Restaurant Cleaning Checklist - How To Deep Clean Your Business


With summer approaching and establishments being allowed to operate again a lot of restaurants and bars will possibly see renewed business. COVID did take its toll, however, it is fair to presume that coffee shops, bars and restaurants will certainly recover. However, with the possible surge that will come with the existing client interest chaos is sure to follow.

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Perfect hygiene should be maintained for both staff and client's sake, therefore the need for professional cleaning for bars, restaurants and dining establishments through COVID is now stronger than ever.
In this article, Manchester House Cleaning Services will list several important tips owners can use to keep their place of business clean and hygienic, in preparation for the expected rush that will come with summer approaching and with restrictions surrounding COVID being partially eased. 

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Cleaning the kitchen area 

restaurant kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of the establishment, therefore, the kitchen should be perfectly cleaned all the time! In truth, however, this area of your establishment will get dirty the quickest, due to, naturally, food being prepared there and the constant flow of personnel in and out of the kitchen area of your bar or restaurant. There are several important points you can make sure are religiously followed that will keep the kitchen area of your bar or restaurant perfectly cleaned all the time. 

Our tips for keeping the kitchen area clean and shining

1. Clean at least once every two weeks and make sure you do not ignore the walls, make sure you spray the walls as well to deal with any stains and marks. 

2. Clean all the kitchen appliances thoroughly and carefully - microwave, oven, toaster, coffeemaker etc. All the kitchen appliances should be kept sparkling and disinfected. The taste and quality of the food you prepare and serve to your customers will be negatively impacted if your kitchen appliances are not expertly clean and kept dirty. Basic hygiene needs require this, however, thoroughly cleaning a professional oven may take require a lot more effort than your staff can delegate, a professional cleaning company attending regularly (once every 6 months or so) for a deep clean of all of the kitchen appliances of your establishment can save a lot of effort and ultimately cut down on the cost necessary for the regular upkeep of the kitchen. 

3. Clean the oven racks, the trays, the ovens and the hobs. Keeping the oven expertly clean is one of the most important parts of maintaining the kitchen in your establishment clean. 

4. Regularly disinfect the sinks. 

5. Clear out the fridge and freezer weekly and clean them thoroughly. Keep your fridge and freezer sparkling. Inspect produce and food that you have in your fridge and freezer and dispose of unnecessary items weekly. 

6. Clean the grill and deep fryer and change the oil weekly. 

7. Disinfect the area that is used for garbage disposal and clean the trashcans regularly. 

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Clean the guest area 

main area of a bar

The area that clients are going to be using is of primary importance, it is not only the area the clients will see but also they are that should be thoroughly disinfected as it will be in constant use. This area should not only be sparkling clean but also perfectly hygienic. By following a few simple steps you will keep the main dining area of your bar, pub or restaurant not only perfectly clean but disinfected. 

1. Disinfect the tables after every client

2. Wipe the tables, chairs, benches and countertops with clean washcloths.

3. Clean any condiments dispensers as well as the salt and pepper shakers. 

4. If there is any carpet in the establishment make sure you hoover it daily. 

5. At the end of the week make sure you dust all the light fixtures and clean light switches and any plugs. 

6. Regularly disinfect door handles. 

By following these simple tips your pub or restaurant will be perfectly cleaned, disinfected and ready for many happy clients. However, as business slowly starts picking up and clients start coming back to your establishment you will find less and less time for regular cleaning, disinfection and sanitization. This is why we offer you to reach out to a professional cleaning company. A professional cleaning company can take care of all of the regular and one-off cleaning services of your establishment. This is why you can leave the hard work related to cleaning and sanitization to a reliable cleaning company leaving you time to take care of what is important, making your clients happy. 

The cleaning demands for your business do not end here. If you own a dining establishment you understand the importance of not only cleanliness but also regular disinfection. As with any other location where the public gathers you have a responsibility to your customers, with a few simple steps you can keep your customers safe and make sure your clients get the much-needed change of scenery all of us have been wanting. 
As mentioned partially easing restrictions surrounding COVID and the coming summer period will mean that business owners can be expecting a steady influx of clients. With that steady influx of new and returning clients, the need for regular cleaning and sanitization also increases. To be completely sure that your establishment is properly maintained you can always schedule a professional cleaning service. Even if you ultimately decide to take care of the cleaning needs of your establishment in house our tips will just make the cleaning process easier and less time-consuming. As mentioned you must clean the entirety of your establishment and make sure that every inch of it is paid attention to. 

An Easy To Follow 30 Day House Cleaning Schedule.

Cleaning external areas

outside coffee shop

During the summer period and with the current government rules of how pubs and restaurants can operate the external area will be prefered for most customers. You still need to regularly disinfect that area, which is a pretty straightforward process, however, cleaning can often pose more of a challenge. Any external areas of your establishment will be constantly exposed to atmospheric conditions and weather changes. These external areas can get dirty a lot quicker than the rest of your business. 

1. Disinfect the tables after every client.

2. Wipe the tables chairs and benches with clean washcloths that you use only for these surfaces. 

3. Regularly clean condiments dispensers. 

4. Clean any external bbq or kitchen areas twice a week deeply and every morning clean these areas generally. 

5. Clean the summer bar every morning before opening and every evening after closing your bar or restaurant. If needed also clean it during the day

6. If there is upholstered furniture make sure you steam clean the upholstery at least once a month. 

7. If you notice stains on the upholstery immediately clean them so they do not set in the sofa if they are not remove steam clean the upholstery

8. Pay attention to landscaping- mow, spray for pests, cut branches, remove weeds and shape decorative bushes at least once a month. 

9. Mop the pavement or tiles at least once every two weeks. 

Thoroughly clean the bathrooms and toilets

restaurant toilet

You have to pay special attention to this part of your establishment. The bathroom and toilet areas are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. 

1. Clean the toilet bowls every day. They are a breeding ground for bacteria and need daily cleaning using appropriate cleaning solutions. 

2. Clean the countertops the sink and any chairs and furniture you have in the bathroom. Your guests make frequent contact exactly with these surfaces and their cleaning is of primary importance. You can use a soft sponge and appropriate cleaning detergent for this purpose.

3. Clean decorations at least twice a week.
Mirrors and decorative glass ornaments should be kept perfectly clean. Keeping decorative glass ornaments suggests that your establishment is regularly maintained. 

4. Clean the floors in the bathroom every day. 

You may not suspect but grouting collects an incredibly large amount of bacteria if they are not regularly cleaned. Guests walk in the bathroom area with shoes on and contamination is an indelible part of the large in and outflow of clients.

By following these simple tips and tricks your establishment will be kept sparkling clean and your clients will be amazed.

We at Manchester House Cleaning Services understand that you may find it difficult to deep clean your bar, restaurant or pub deeply regularly. This is why our specialized cleaners are here to help, if you put your trust in our cleaning services we will handle all the deep cleaning requirements of your establishment now that it is seeing renewed business. 

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