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Manchester House Cleaning offers our Rug Cleaning on all postcodes in Manchester and the surrounding Greater Manchester Area. Keep your rug looking like new with our Rug Cleaning Services in Manchester. We offer the best Rug Cleaning Services in Manchester at very affordable rates. Our skilled Rug Cleaning Technicians will provide you with great services and our flexible scheduling options mean that you will receive the best possible rug cleaning service at a time suitable for you. Our Rug Cleaning Services in Manchester will preserve, protect and refresh your precious floor coverings. Choose us for your Rug Cleaning and have your textile floor coverings cleaned. If you want to get a nasty stain out of your rugs or are looking to keep them cleaned and disinfected our Rug Cleaning Services is the cleaning solution you are looking for. We offer same-day and next-day appointments in cases of emergency with no additional costs for you! If you would like to receive a perfectly free quote for your next Rug Cleaning Service you can call us on 0161 676 2888 24 hours a day and one of our customer service representatives will assist you accordingly.  Choose us for the best Rug Cleaning Service in Manchester.  All of our Rug Cleaning specialists are fully trained, vetted, and insured professionals with years of experience in providing Rug Cleaning Services across Manchester and the surrounding area. 


Benefits of our Manchester Rug Cleaning Services 

Affordable Rug Cleaning rates. 

Fully insured Rug Cleaning specialists. 

Flexible Rug Cleaning Scheduling options available. 

These are some of the benefits that come with scheduling our Rug Cleaning in Manchester. Our Professional Rug Cleaning specialists are available 7 days a week at a time convenient for you. We have same-day and next-day booking slots available and our experience and expertise mean that you will receive reliable and on-time Professional Rug Cleaning Services. 

Our Rug Cleaning Services in Manchester Come With Many Benefits 

woman reading a book sitting on a rug

 Efficient and easy on-time Rug Cleaning Services- our Rug Cleaning in Manchester is an easy to schedule hassle-free cleaning service. 

 Flexible booking slots- you can schedule our Rug Cleaning 7 days a week and even on weekends at a time convenient to you. 

FREE fabric protection- our Rug Cleaning professionals will use special Rug Cleaning detergents that preserve your fabrics and protect them from lasting damage. 

Most common stains will be eliminated- stain elimination is a complex process, luckily our Rug Cleaning technicians have years of experience and they are able to remove most of the common household stains such as food or drinks. 

Your rugs will be deodorized- our rug cleaning technicians will use deodorizing agents as part of our Manchester Rug Cleaning and will thus remove most odours from urine, vomit, smoke mildew and others. 

Specialized Cleaners- all of our Rug Cleaning specialists are trained, experienced and insured cleaners, the will provide you with exceptional Rug Cleaning results. 


Our Rug Cleaning Service and Our Rug Cleaning Method 

rug image
rug image

Our Rug Cleaning Method.  

Our Rug Cleaning method is called hot-water extraction. It is currently the strongest Rug Cleaning system available. The detergents and equipment we use are entirely portable, which means we will clean your rugs right there on-site without needing to take them away and bring them back. Our Rug Cleaning method uses hot water and several types of Rug Cleaning detergents which are mixed in the solution tank of the machine. This Rug Cleaning solution is sprayed on top of your floor covering and any stains, dirt, soiling are dislodged and dissolved. Your rugs are often placed in heavy traffic areas which means that even if there are no major and specific stains on them they will tend to accumulate a lot of soiling fast. Our Rug Cleaning method will eliminate all soiling and our Rug Cleaning technicians will use specialized stain removing detergents to attempt to eliminate major stains from your textile floor coverings. The hot-water extraction Rug Cleaning system is the most effective, efficient and safest way to clean your rugs available. The hot water extraction method is the most efficient and long-lasting Rug Cleaning solution available. 
rug cleaning 3
Our Rug Cleaning Service. 

How does the hot water extraction Rug Steam Cleaning system work? 

Our Professional Rug Cleaning Specialists will provide our Rug Cleaning Service in several steps.

Step 1 Pre- Treating your rugs.

Our Rug Cleaning Specialists will begin by observing your floor coverings and making sure that they can safely and successfully be steam cleaning using the hot water extraction method. They will continue with pre-spraying any present stains and thoroughly hoovering your rugs to remove any surface debris and particulates. Our Rug Cleaning specialist will always firstly thoroughly hoover your rugs to make sure no dust is still present on them after they will focus on pre-treating stains. Most common household stains, such as food or coffee, tea or soda can be successfully eliminated. However, we can never guarantee stain elimination for stains that are of a chemical nature or stains that have sat in the Rug fibres for a long time or stains that have caused permanent damage to your rugs. If our Rug Cleaning technicians cannot remove a stain no one else will be able to do so! 

Step 2 The Main Rug Cleaning Procedure.

Our Rug Cleaning technician will use the HWE method for Rug Cleaning to treat your floor coverings. The hot water extraction method is the strongest and most efficient Rug Cleaning solution available. It is applicable to even the most heavily soiled and blemished rugs and it will rejuvenate and bring them back to life. The main Rug Cleaning procedure is conducted as follows:
  • Our Rug Cleaning technician will use specialized equipment to thoroughly clean every inch of our rug.  
  • The nozzle attachment of our Rug Cleaning machine ejects hot water and specialized cleaning detergents solution. This solution easily dissolves and dislodges dirt and soiling from deep inside the fibres of your rug. 
  • At the same time, the powerful suction attachment of the machine removes excess water along with the dissolved dirt and stains 
  • In this way your rugs are cleaned and dried at the same time, the great majority of surface moisture, over 95%, will be eliminated in the cleaning process.

Step 3 Scotchgard And Stain Protection.

This is recommended for heavy traffic areas of your rugs. To extend the results of our Rug Cleaning Services our Rug Cleaning specialist can use a stain repellent that is applied on the pile of each individual item. This specialized detergent is called Scotchgard and it provides a layer of protection against surface stains. This means that your carpets will remain fresher, cleaner and stain-free longer. Please advise us if you would like to include this in your Rug Cleaning Service.

Step 4 Fast Drying Times.

Because our professional Rug Cleaning Equipment simultaneously sprays and cleans and eliminates water and dries your rugs most items would be completely dry in about 3 hours. Our Rug Cleaning equipment will eliminate most of the surface water and turning up the heat and living a window slightly open in the room your rug is in can speed up drying times. 


Why Choose Us For Your Rug Cleaning Service?  

 Bespoke Rug Cleaning Quotes

- We will quote you a price without having to attend your property first. 

 Professional Rug Cleaning Detergents and Equipment

- We use the latest industrial rug and carpet cleaning equipment and high-grade cleaning detergents. 

 Non- toxic, non-hazardous and eco-friendly cleaning solutions

- All of our Rug Cleaning detergents are eco-friendly non-toxic and non-hazardous. 

 Affordable Prices

- We will provide you with the best possible Rug Cleaning in Manchester for the best possible price. 

 Professional Staff

- All of our Rug Cleaning specialists in Manchester are trained, insured and experienced professionals. 

 24/7 Customer Support

- If you need to reschedule your Rug Cleaning Services with us you can contact us 24/7 our phone lines are always open. 

 7 Day a Week Availability

- You can schedule our Rug Cleaning in Manchester 7 days a week at a time convenient for you!  

Combine our Rug Cleaning for a personalized discount 

Combine our Rug Cleaning Services in Manchester with any one of our Additional Services and you will receive a personalized discount on the final price!

You can combine our Rug Cleaning in Manchester with the following services:


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