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Domestic Cleaning in Manchester | Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Cleaning | Manchester House Cleaning Services

Affordable domestic cleaning rates. 

Fully insured domestic cleaning specialists. 

Flexible scheduling and booking options.

If you are looking to maintain and improve the condition of your property on a regular basis look no further than our Domestic Cleaning Service. Manchester House Cleaning Services offers our Domestic Cleaning Service. Our Domestic Cleaning Service is designed as a maintenance cleaning service. Our local experienced professional cleaners can attend your home on a day and time convenient for you. All of our domestic cleaners are experienced, cleaning professionals that are trained up to the highest professional standard. Our Manchester Cleaning technicians are resourceful, dedicated and have an outstanding track record of delivering professional cleaning services. Our local Manchester Cleaners will pay attention to even the smallest details and will provide you with outstanding cleaning solutions. Our Domestic Cleaning Services in Manchester can be scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, if you need a regular cleaner anywhere in manchester you can contact us on 0161 676 2888 or by simply filling out the corresponding Domestic Cleaning request form linked below. 

Benefits of our Regular Domestic Cleaning Services  

domestic cleaning services in manchester

 Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Cleaning Visits 

No hidden surcharges on our quotes. 

Affordable Pricing. 

Flexible Availability. 

No long term contracts. 

Professional, insured and trained cleaners. 

All cleaning detergents can be included. 

Personal Account Manager. 

Phone management of your booking 24 hours a day. 


How to organize our Domestic Cleaning Service  

You contact us with your original Domestic Cleaning Service request, after providing basic details in regards to your property, preferred frequency and day and time. 

We will send out one of our professional cleaning technicians, you will always receive the same cleaner on the same day and time. 

Our Expert Cleaning Services provider will take care of all of your domestic cleaning needs and requests. 

You spend time on what matters most, friends, family and loved ones. 



Let us take care of your Domestic Cleaning needs 

Our regular, fortnightly and monthly domestic cleaning services are a general cleaning of your property. Our local Manchester Cleaners will tidy, vacuum and mop and arrange your house or flat. The cleaning service will include general dusting, hoovering, mopping the floors and wiping of all surfaces from the outside only of your property. Cobwebs will also be removed and if requested you can add ironing and laundry to your domestic cleaning service. Our home cleaning service is an hourly rated cleaning service and the actual duration of the service is entirely dependent on the actual condition and layout of your property. In most cases, we have found that it is necessary to send out more than one cleaning technician, in this way our cleaners will cover more of your property in a lesser time. Our local cleaning service providers are dedicated to providing you with exceptional cleaning service. Our weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning is inclusive of all professional cleaning detergents and equipment. Our local domestic cleaners will make the best use of the time they spend on your property and will provide you with outstanding cleaning results. If you have any special requirements for your Domestic Cleaning be sure to let our customer service advisers know and we will make sure to list those as priorities. We will make sure to advise you on the estimated and recommended and minimal duration for your property and the choice of what duration you would like to schedule your Domestic Cleaning Service for is entirely up to you, if, however, you decide to schedule your Domestic Cleaning Service for less than the recommended duration our cleaners may not have enough time to cover the entirety of your property within that time. 

Regular, Fortnightly and Monthly Cleaning 

Our Domestic cleaning Price List 

Regular Weekly Cleaning from £13 per hour. 

Fortnightly Bi-Weekly Cleaning from £14 per hour. 

Monthly Cleaning from £15 per hour. 

Please note: 

We have a 4-hour minimal duration for our Domestic Cleaning Service, usually for two cleaners for two hours each. 

All professional detergents and equipment are included in the price for your domestic cleaning service, there is a £10 service charge on top of the hourly rate for the detergents and equipment that will be used. 

Our Domestic Cleaning Services are designed as maintenance services, our weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning are light, general cleaning services this is why we recommend that you schedule our Deep Cleaning Service prior to beginning your recurring cleaning service, this will prepare your property for the recurring cleaning service. If you have recently refurbished your property you can schedule our After Builders Cleaning prior to beginning your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning and if you are looking to maintain the new property you are moving into and have recently moved out you can also schedule our End of Tenancy Cleaning for the property you are vacating. 


Weekly, Bi-Weekly And Monthly Cleaning Services Checklist 




Bedrooms - clean and polish all surfaces, vacuum and mop hard floors, vacuum carpeted floors, wipe skirting boards, polish light sockets, light switches, plugs and door handles, empty rubbish bins and change bedding. 

Bathrooms- wipe and clean the sink and taps, polish the bathroom tiles, scrub the bathtub, the shower and shower head and disinfect the toilet bowl. 

Kitchen- clean the dishes, mop floors, wipe and polish the exterior of the oven, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and all other kitchen appliances. 

Living Room- empty the bins, dust and remove cobwebs, vacuum and mop hard floors, vacuum carpeted floors, polish surfaces and dust decorations, picture frames and mirrors. Dust and wipe all furniture. 

Hallways- dust and remove cobwebs, polish all surfaces, wipe and polish light sockets, light switches and plugs and the skirting boards, and dust the front door. Vacuum and mop hard floors, vacuum carpeted floors. 


Why Choose Us For Your Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Cleaning?  

cleaner vacuuming floors

Bespoke Quotes we do not need to attend your property to quote you a price. 

Professional Detergents and Equipment will be included in the service if you choose so. 

Flexible booking options. 

Easy booking process. 

7-day a week availability. 

24/7 customer support over the phone and online. 

Dedicated account manager. 

Affordable rates. 

Absolutely no hidden surcharges. 

Fully certified, vetted, instructed and insured cleaners. 

Exceptional Cleaning Results. 

Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Availability. 

cleaner mopping floors

vacuum on carpet


We are not just a Domestic Cleaning Company 

You can schedule many of our property cleaning services to prepare your property for the regular domestic cleaning service, choose one of our additional cleaning services based on the specific cleaning requirements of your property.  

Carpet Cleaning   Upholstery Cleaning    Window Cleaning    Antiviral Disinfection Oven Cleaning 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Do I need to arrange for parking for my regular cleaner? 
A. Yes, ideally, the cleaners will still travel by car to their designated locations, therefore, parking is helpful, if parking is not an option we can arrange for your regular cleaners to be dropped off and picked up. 

Q. Do I need to provide detergents and equipment for my cleaners?
A. No, we will provide all necessary cleaning detergents and equipment and advise you on the quote before you decide to finalize your appointment. All of our cleaning supplies are eco-friendly and non-hazardous. 

Q. What if I want to change my Domestic Cleaning booking? 
A. We will assign a cleaner based on your specification and the service will always take place on the same day at the same time, if you wish to alter your booking please advise us accordingly at least 48 hours prior to your next cleaning service. 

Q. Will, you always send the same cleaners? 
A. Yes, for this cleaning service we will always allocate the same cleaners each visit. 

Q. Will, the service take place on the same day at the same time? 
A. Yes, regardless of your desired frequency our Domestic Cleaning Service will take place at the same time on the same day, if you are looking to schedule with flexible availability you can schedule several One-Off services at differing frequencies. However, for our Domestic Cleaning Service frequency is always set automatically. 

Q. What are the hours for your regular cleaners? 
A. You can schedule our weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning service on any day suitable for you from as early as 8 am and as late as 16 pm. 

Q. Can I add Ironing to my Domestic Cleaning? 
A. Yes, you can add on ironing and laundry within the hourly duration of your service in place of cleaning or outside with additional time added on. 

Areas We Cover

You can schedule our Regular, Fortnightly or Monthly Cleaning Services on all postcodes in: 

Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Wigan, and the cities of Salford and Manchester



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